Recompense and Reward

When this world has filled and overflowed
Its cup of iniquity then will be bestowed
Upon this unrepentant blasphemous generation
God’s unmingled wrath which is beyond imagination

They have exhausted God’s forbearing grace
And mercy the seven last plagues they’ll face
This is the punishment allotted to all
Who willfully choose to refuse God’s call

Once the plagues have done their job
And the righteous have cried their last sob
Then the Father will say “It is done!”
And all the earth behold God’s holy Son

Coming in the clouds of heaven His reward
Is with Him to give to all the just award
According to the deeds they’ve done
And the race which they’ve run

The wicked are consumed by His brightness
And sword of His mouth because of their unfitness
The righteous dead are raised to meet Him in the air
And the righteous living rise to meet Him in the air

Through the universe the holy company pass
Until they reach heaven and stand on the sea of glass
Kneeling on that glorious golden street
Giving glory and honour at Jesus’ holy feet

Where will we be when Jesus comes back?
With the wicked unprepared due to being slack
Or with the righteous who’ve heeded the warning
And got prepared to meet Jesus on that glorious morning!

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