Revival and Spiritual Awakening in my Spiritual Journey

New year Resolution – Spiritual Journey

As I sit down to recall my spiritual journey, I feel I have drawn far away from my New Year Resolution. Yes, 2017, the Revival and Spiritual Awakening year is almost over, but I can’t boast of achieving anything I ever planned!  When the year began, I had resolved to read spiritual quotes daily. But oh, what happened? Then my mind is driven closer to the King of kings, and I remember I need revival and reformation. I wish our religious leaders could bring back this topic for another five years, “Revival and Reformation.”

As I sit down scrolling my gallery, I think of that song, yes “How far from Home?” The song reminds me that I have wandered far from home and I need to come closer to my Maker and my King. Let me say this now; I am making resolutions for 2018. It’s gonna be a year of spiritual awakening in my life. I want to put my house in order. Maybe I should eliminate some friends, right? But no, I won’t survive a day without you as a friend, because my home has no perimeter walls. Friends have been acting as a “hedge” of Job in my life.

Guidance of the Holy Ghost

Up to this point, am persuaded that you know my New Year resolution, but as if that is not all, I need the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I want to share with many people about the love of Christ that constraineth me. When the question is raised “Whom shall I send?” I’ll give Isaiah’s response “Here am I, send me.” As I watch birds and join in their melody, I try to figure out how I’ve wandered far away from home but I plead with my savior to accept me once more. We all need revival and spiritual awakening in our spiritual journey

Are we Sailing in the Same Spiritual Boat of Revival and Spiritual Awakening?

Something might have pushed you to read this post, maybe we are sailing in the same boat, or you have a friend whom you want to assist. I have laid down plans for spiritual awakening so that I come closer to my Master. I want to master a verse every day and read the scriptures daily. We have to restore our evening family devotion and share spiritual quotes daily as a family. Moreover, I want to ensure I attend all spiritual meetings organized in 2018. The list is endless but will I achieve these? I need something extra; it is the submission of my plans to the Master above so that his grace be sufficient. Alone, I cannot achieve a milestone.

We all need to wake from our sleep for the time is nigh, we need revival and reformation. If you share the feeling of being drawn far away from Maker, I share the same impulse. Let us remember one another in prayers for it is now that I need the prayers of those I love.  2018 is the year of revival and spiritual awakening for our spiritual journey. Feel free to share your story with us in the comment box section.


5 thoughts on “Revival and Spiritual Awakening in my Spiritual Journey”

  1. In in the beginning I remember the ending the credits at the end of a movie. My father told me when I was a child to read the credits at the end of movies, and if I would be tedious and look close ,some day I would understand the message. He taught me to be Hospitable, to be a good host. He said give a little take a little. He told me to have values,morals and beliefs, and to be right winged conservative, or better yet of the likeness. But my favorite thing he said was always in MODERATION NEVER IN EXCESS! !!
    One time when I was a kid my father told me of Adams garments, and how they gave the wearer great powers. I believed everything he told me because he was a truth seeker. My father led the way for me to start a spiritual awakening.
    My Father was alone in knowing what most couldn’t believe, or even begin to understand. So he was lost to us in 99 because. ….well I understand now. I thank God for all the people in my spiritual awakening, mainly a few have saved my life up until now whether they know it or not. I will be focused on them……something great can be ……. to start a spiritual awakening that saves us all , for my father knew the time and had calculated a Time…….amazing Is the coming of this ……End…….

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