Common Spiritual Awakening Experiences

Everyone has a different experience. They are unique and personal. Sharing these experiences is helpful to others. To help you understand awakening. Spiritual awakening experiences outline the process for you. Makes it easier to grasp. These unique experiences form us.

A spiritual awakening can occur in a flash. You cannot anticipate or will a spiritual awakening. After a revival, many people share their spiritual awakening experiences. Not only are these encounters helpful to you but to others. Many people may not know what spiritual awakening is. Your experiences help them understand.

To start with, every person is unique. For instance, the way you think is different from the way others do. This means that everyone’s experience is personal. It also suggests that your beliefs are not my beliefs.

To explain, take, for example, someone who has very deep-rooted beliefs. For this person, letting go of this ideas is not very easy. It is a different process with someone who has an open mind. Remember, it does not matter whether you are religious or not. Spiritual awakening happens to all beings in various stages.

During a rebirth, everyone goes through some changes. This post explains the most common experiences.

Some Spiritual awakening experiences

Some of the most recurrent experiences that people have are:


Anyone who has been through this stage will tell you how much they enjoyed it. The delightful step is like the calm before the storm for many people. It is also the reward stage for others. Most people level at this stage. They want to experience everything about it before the real work begins.

The joyful stage mostly comes at the start of the awakening. It is like the welcome aboard stage. Besides feeling happy, you also have an appreciation for the little things. The state of happiness can last several months.


Exhaustion and fatigue are shared experiences that people go through during awakening. Fatigue mainly results from resisting the renewal. Your body loses energy from fighting the mind and heart. Sometimes the resistance is unconsciously done. While this may be the case, it drains your body.

Spiritual awakening is a grinding process that transforms your mind, body, and heart. This transformation utilizes energy leaving you very little for everyday activities.

Energy surges

Another common experience is strange energy surges within you. From one moment to the next, your energy levels keep shifting. One minute you shiver, the next you’re hot then cold. When undergoing awakening, your being struggles within itself. As you strive to come to terms with your issues, the energy surges occur.

The most important thing to do during this stage is to relax. Breathe in and tackle issues one after another. This way you can ease the resistance.


The first phase for many people is bliss. It is however not the first for everyone. Others experience bouts of fear. They are confused and feel lost. The internal battles show on their face and in their performance of daily tasks.

In addition to the confusion is cluelessness. In this state, many people question life and their purpose. This is especially prevalent in people without a strong sense of reality and truth.


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